Srini Janarthanam

I am a deeply passionate problem solver, troubleshooter, programmer, and dedicated life long learner. I am very passionate about talking and thinking machines and have been building chatbots using AI and NLP techniques.

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In April 2016, I co-founded Dhiyantra limited to turn my passion into a commercial venture. As a researcher, in my previous life, I used to build virtual assistants like Siri using technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. Over the years, I built a number of assistants in a variety of domains accumulating experience of what works and what does not. I believe that, chatbots can deliver an engaging and effortless experience to users serving as a useful and dedicated self-service interface to businesses. They are going to revolutionise business-customer interaction in the near future. Is your organisation ready?

I have led and developed award winning chatbots and have over 10 years of experience working on conversational technology (i.e. tech where Dialogue systems, Chatbots, NLP, Machine Learning, AI converge). I am a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing from University of Edinburgh and have authored over 50 research papers.

I worked at Heriot Watt University, and University of Edinburgh where I worked on several EU and EPSRC funded projects building chatbots and robots in a variety of domains including Tourism, Healthcare and Education.

I am an expert on Java EE, JS and other web technologies.

I blog my thoughts at These get published in two leading Chatbot magazines: ChatbotNewsDaily and ChatbotsMagazine.

My bot demos are at Have a look.

Are you looking to engage your customers using chatbots? Are you building a chatbot? Do you need help with the design and best practices? I can help you!